RefactorWiki - 0.2

RefactorWiki is a Java-component and accompanying J2EE-webmodule to rename (move) pages and their respective links within a Wiki.
Currently the following Php-MySql-based Wiki-engines are supported: WackoWiki v4, WikkaWiki v1.1.6.0.


The ability to refactor knowledge in a Wiki bridges the gap between the flexibility offered by a Wiki, where the structure will get messy over time and the inflexible hierarchical structure offered by a traditional CMS[1]. The combination of a Wiki with a Refactor-component allows ideas to be quickly captured in pages and the knowledge to be 'reshaped' as users are learning more about a problem domain, its environment and challenges.

Component functionality

Current features (v0.2)

See screenshots of the latest version.

Potential future features

Feel free to send in your suggestions.

Downloading and installation instructions

After downloading the source or binary, please see the installation instructions.

Component applicability

The following is Work in Progress and Open for Discussion.

As is argued on Why Wiki Works, a common sense of responsibility is important to get and keep users involved in a process of collaborative knowledge contribution. Since the RefactorWiki-component (currently) restructures pages regardless of the page contributor's consent, its applicability is probably limited to situations which meet the following characteristics:

Licensing and acknowledgements


RefactorWiki is released under the General Public License (GPL).
Please see the licensing-information from the respective copyright holders of the used components, as supplied with the source and binary releases.


This component would not have been possible without help of the following people and components: The stylesheet for this page was kindly borrowed from the stylish

Contact details

Feel free to contact Mark Hissink Muller for questions, suggestions or remarks (remove the SPAM-decoy.).
To share something which might be interesting for other users, please post to the appropriate forum.

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Last changes: February 7th, 2005.